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Building better: How digital work packs improve project outcomes

Building better: How digital work packs improve project outcomes

Work packs are your project’s Bible. Fortunately, you no longer have to print, carry or distribute a bulky physical tome containing stacks of installation guidance for the successful execution of your construction projects.  

With digital work packs, everything you and all project stakeholders need is available at your fingertips. Providing instant access to up-to-date information that is complete and quality assured, regardless as to where you physically are relative to the project site, digital work packages improve project outcomes. 

Using a digital work pack application to execute your construction projects leads to improved project delivery, through the following: 

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity 
  2. Better return on investment (ROI) 
  3. Improved accuracy and quality 
  4. Enhanced collaboration and communication 
  5. More astute decision-making 

Let’s take a look at how digital work pack tools such as MODS Connect WorkPack realize these benefits. 


Increased efficiency and productivity 

We know that digital work packs streamline workflows by cutting out the fat of the unnecessary administrative tasks traditionally required for information management. Digital work packs pre-populate and attach all relevant documentation for ease of preparation, use and reference. 

Studies have shown that digital work pack software can significantly increase efficiency and productivity in construction projects by up to 15 percent. MODS Connect WorkPack, for example, can reduce time spent providing key project data to clients by 50 percent, and eliminates a 1-to-2 week turnaround time for paper-based work packs to reach an offshore or other remote project site. Administrative time is greatly reduced and closeout schedule shortened. 


Better ROI 

If Lean construction has taught us anything, it’s that cutting out waste makes financial sense. Work pack software helps save money by reducing labor costs and shortening workflows, which improve return on investment (ROI) relative to paper-based systems.  

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that using digital tools in construction projects can cut costs by up to 6 percent. Why? This costs savings comes from reduced errors, improved resource allocation and streamlined communication. Digital work pack software such as MODS Connect WorkPack enables the identification of problems in advance for proactive decision making. With access to real-time project status, this reduces mistakes and eliminates assumptions, supporting streamlined workflows that improve the project’s bottom line. 


Improved accuracy and quality 

Digital work packs offer a host of automated and archival features such as version control and unprompted data validation, which improve the accuracy and quality of project documentation both throughout construction execution but also throughout the entire asset lifecycle, or for however long the owner-operator wishes to maintain the records.  

A report by Dodge Data & Analytics found that contractors are 40 percent more satisfied with data accuracy when going from using paper to commercial software systems.  


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Improving data accuracy not only reduces errors and re-work but also instills confidence among all project stakeholders and leads to more lasting relationships that pave the way for future collaborations. 


Enhanced collaboration and communication 

A ubiquitous challenge in executing complex construction projects revolves around aligning stakeholders’ understanding and access to updated, fact-based information. Improving communication both within and between teams is a pre-requisite for executing efficient workflows, realizing and maximizing value from Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) methodology and from Lean construction ideology.  

Work pack software facilitates collaboration and communication among project stakeholders, leading to smoother workflows and fewer communication errors. Why? Because edits, updates and corrections are accessible to all in real time. And work pack software like MODS Connect WorkPack interfaces with digital materials management and other systems to ensure streamlined, proactive project execution.  

As a cloud-based work package application, MODS Connect satisfies the top most-cited needs by contractors, which all relate to the ability to access and input data from different locations, including from the office, job site or other field location. Contractors care deeply about communication, ensuring that data can be updated from anywhere and at any time, and that it’s easy to access.  


More astute decision-making 

The ability to make fast, data-driven decisions with confidence increases the ability to maintain project schedules and keep within budget. Digital work pack software provides real-time access to project data and analytics, enabling faster and more informed decision-making, which increases the ability to maintain fidelity to optimal project sequencing.  

Avoiding out-of-sequence construction work is hugely important. Why? It has been demonstrated that 15 percent of total project activities are performed out-of-sequence, which increases the construction schedule by 33 percent and construction costs by 25 percent. MODS Connect WorkPack, especially when used alongside other modules in the MODS Connect suite such as those for materials management or completions, helps maintain optimal project sequencing for superior project outcomes. 



Digital work packs offer a utopia for contractors and other project stakeholders to align in executing projects on time, in sequence and within budget. Transitioning from paper forms and spreadsheets to commercial software such as MODS Connect leads to a far greater level of satisfaction in project timeliness, data accuracy and level of detail, as well as the ability to analyze and make informed decisions.  

In fact, average contractor satisfaction skyrockets from 28 percent with paper-based systems, to 47 percent when using spreadsheets, to a whopping 76 percent with commercial software. This further demonstrates the onboarding of work pack software as a no-brainer to increase efficiency and productivity, yield a better ROI, improve accuracy and quality, enhance collaboration and communication and to make more astute decisions throughout the project. 

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Explore how our digital work packs can help you stay on schedule and within budget by checking out our informative brochure.

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