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Work Pack

2 min read

5 Ways Digital Work Packs Support Advanced Work Packaging Implementation

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction...

3 min read

Building better: How digital work packs improve project outcomes

Work packs are your project’s Bible. Fortunately,...

2 min read

Why Digital Work Packs Are Essential for Lean Construction Projects

Efficiency and optimization are the hallmarks of...

3 min read

Work Packs: Then and Now

Work packages, or work packs as they’re more...


3 min read

Overcoming Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry: Making Informed Decisions Throughout the Entire Project Lifecycle

This third blog continues our five-part series on...


5 min read

Turnarounds: Data Drives Predictability

One of the most important planned events for any...


5 min read

Michael Steele - MODS Inside Series

Michael Steele started his career in 2014 as a...


4 min read

Meet Tim Bell - Inside MODS Series

Tim Bell is the oldest of the four Bell brothers,...


4 min read

JGC’s Promising Partnership With the ‘Small but Mighty’ MODS

The JGC Corporation, is one of the largest global...