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Global Collaborations in AWP for Construction Exection Optimization


Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as a capital project delivery solution is revolutionizing construction productivity. Striving towards cost reduction of quality assured construction execution, AWP improves productivity in large part through technological solutions that enable remote execution.

We have written about how digitalization in the construction, maintenance, upgrades, operation and decommissioning of industrial assets supports both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Lean construction principles. There is no truer example of this than with AWP.

AWP systems such as MODS Origin provides a link between engineering, procurement and construction so that users can create, view and manage work packages sequentially. According to the Construction Industry Institute (CII): without AWP, out-of-sequence construction typically results in 25% greater cost and 33% schedule overruns.



The Global AWP Community

Working with partners JGC in pursuit of digital transformation, MODS provides tools that enable paperless technologies. AWP tools, and the technology on which they rely, are one thing. But bringing mindsets into the future is another. This is why we engage in the global AWP community, participating in global conferences alongside JGC to exchange knowledge and advance best practices.

A holistic approach encompassing construction, engineering and procurement work packs, AWP is powerful and effective. JGC has harnessed the power of AWP, and continues to do so, to great effect as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy.




Reflections from the AWP Europe Conference

Alongside partners JGC, MODS participated in the Advanced Work Packaging Europe Conference 2022 in London earlier this year. Themed Increasing Productivity and Environmental Efficiency with AWP, JGC spoke about how to use AWPs to reduce carbon footprint. The SDGs provide a decarbonization framework, and AWP is a practical tool towards that end because shorter schedules mean less waste.


Scott Smith, Project Manager at MODS, reflects:

“The London AWP conference was another great event held by Group ASI, a great mix of exhibitors and conference speakers. A unique conference that allowed individual attendees choose which breakout sessions to attend.

For MODS it allowed us to showcase our software to many interested parties. Our exhibitor stand seemed to be well perceived, demonstrating a lot of interest. Not only AWP was discussed but the event touched on digitalization as a whole and the environmental aspect, how to achieve Net Zero. Overall, it offered a great spectrum of topics of interest. Can’t wait for the next one.”




AWP North America Conference

Following the success of the London conference, we are excited for the upcoming North America AWP Conference in Houston, Texas. As with the Europe conference, the American AWP event is endorsed by renowned groups such as the Construction Industry Institute (CII), the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and the European Construction Institute (ECI).

Again, MODS will be there to participate in the global AWP community alongside partners, JGC. With the daily themes of Improving Project Delivery and Leveraging Technology to Improve Project Outcomes, MODS digital partnership with JGC is well-positioned to share our joint successes and forward vision.




Alicja Skulimowska, Customer Enablement Specialist at MODS says:


“I felt the AWP Conference in London in April was very well organized. It was a well-structured, informative event. and up sessions but also the breakout sessions sharing ideas. It was a very beneficial trip that opened up new connections and I am expecting nothing less for the event in Houston!”



The AWP Mindset

AWP methodology and the technological solutions that enable its execution are huge, no doubt. But another foundational element for the digital evolution in construction is required: reforming mindsets.

Many industrial sectors are well known to be behind the digitalization curve, notoriously ranking low on the digital maturity scale. To overcome this hurdle, penetrating organizational culture to change mindsets is what will make the difference and translate to enhanced productivity and achieve digital transformation.

Digital transformation is not just about implementing more and better technologies. It involves aligning culture, people, structure and tasks.”

AWP is a comprehensive risk-reduction solution for capital projects. Through participating in the global AWP community, MODS – in partnership with JGC – eagerly pursue knowledge exchange towards revolutionizing capital project execution anywhere in the world.


Check out our  JGC case study to see how AWP works in action and which results it delivers.


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