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Today, MODS announced the release of a new software solution that enables fabrication contractors to enter the digital revolution. Breaking ground, MODS Connect Fabrication is a digital solution for fabrication contractors, yet also caters to operations and maintenance needs for operators and construction contractors in the energy sector and beyond.



MODS Introduces Software for Fabricators

The Fabrication module sits within the MODS Connect software suite, which is a cloud-based solution designed to address the specific challenges of brownfield development. With the potential to revolutionize the entire fabrication process for effective supply-chain oversight, MODS Connect Fabrication enables transparency, progress tracking and traceability for all components under manufacture throughout the entire fabrication process.



 Jon Bell, MODS CEO


“Industrial fabrication processes tend to be paper-based,” says Jon Bell, CEO. “Our digital fabrication module addresses the longstanding challenges of traceability and progress tracking that fab yards often struggle with.”



Matthew Bell, Chief Product Officer, agrees:


“Typically, operators and construction contractors need to rely on word of mouth and reams of paper that are time-consuming to search for fabrication updates. MODS Connect Fabrication eliminates paper, digitizing all fabrication information and putting it on the cloud so that it is accessible and current.”


The traditional opacity associated with industrial fabrication regarding real-time status creates bottlenecks for operators and construction contractors who rely on materials being ready at the right time, in the right place and in the right sequence.



Matthew continues:


“MODS Connect Fabrication clears a significant technological hurdle, digitizing the fabrication process from procurement of raw materials through to shipping of fabricated components.”


Fabrication Software Benefits

Features and benefits of MODS Connect Fabrication include:

  • Real-time fabrication tracking via App technology
  • Dashboard and static reporting
  • Quick traceability
  • Digital fabrication dossiers
  • Improved transparency
  • Materials supply-chain visibility
  • Less administration
  • Improved scheduling
  • Clearer, more accurate communication
  • Heightened quality assurance and accountability


Through partnership with global fabrication provider, Louisiana-based Grand Isle Shipyard (GIS), MODS Connect Fabrication has been vetted through real-world beta testing, ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution for industrial fabrication contractors around the world. It’s a digital solution poised to accelerate fab business digital transformation, increasing the safety, productivity and transparency of fabrication operations and oversight.



Fabrication Software Solutions

Future proof your fabrication business with increased operational efficiency and revenue growth using MODS Connect Fabrication; a centralized and digitized way to manage your fabrication processes in real-time.

Check out the MODS Connect Fabrication page for more information on all features and benefits of using digital solutions.

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