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Energy Industry Blog


1 min read

Fabrication Businesses Can Now Join the Digital Revolution

Today, MODS announced the release of a new...


3 min read

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP): Future Trends in Energy Sector Facilities

This blog is the second in a four-part series...


3 min read

How Data Is Driving Facilities of the Future: Digital Partnerships and DX Success

This blog is the continuation of Data-driven...


5 min read

Matthew Smith – Inside MODS Series

Matthew Smith came to MODS in 2018 as a trainee,...


5 min read

Go Digital for a Transparent Future

Many industrial-sector concerns revolve around...


4 min read

The Digital EPC - Handover Solution

The unicorn of Engineering, Procurement and...


5 min read

Meet the CMO - Inside MODS Series

Kirsty Sweeney, MODS’s Chief Marketing Officer...


5 min read

Jon Bell, CEO, Reflects on Successes and Shares His Vision for the Future

With challenge comes opportunity.


4 min read

Adapt or Die:  How Digitalization Helps Oil & Gas Contribute to the SDGs

“Adapt or die,” warns the UK Environment Agency...


3 min read

Klaudia Ambroziak – Inside MODS Series

With MODS for nearly two years now, Klaudia...


3 min read

In the Palm of Your Hand: The Power of Tablets in the Energy  Sector

We all have them. Our children obsess over them....


3 min read

Digitalization and Decarbonization: Go Paperless to Ease the  Energy Transition

The visionary Steve Jobs once said: Innovation...


4 min read

Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Industry: Can It Save Your Workforce?

When people think of digitalization, there may be...