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A Progressive Solution For Brownfield Projects

brownfield projects

Having project management software and in field mobile apps that add value to each phase of a Brownfield project is critical. Managing high-risk areas efficiently with the right solutions could mean the difference between completing the task ahead of schedule and missing the completion date by significant time and budget margins.

Be Progressive with the right technology.

Tracking deliverables is always a challenge, and time is lost when communication between interfaces is not managed effectively. The transparency and real-time communication of data that MODS Connect provides allows you to track deliverables at a high level. MODS enables brownfield projects to be conducted using a safe, predictable, reliable, and progressive management tools offering a confident assurance of outcome.


Be clear in communications.

The interface between the build and hook up contractors is a high-risk phase of the project, so minimizing the learning curve for the new or existing contractor could be the difference between success and failure. The visibility, scope, and interactive management processes that MODS can offer will significantly reduce the learning curve and reduce the hookup schedule. Engaging operations through the 3D model and interactive processes will improve confidence with transparency for a smooth and efficient start-up.


Be interactive with 3D

MODS Connect is a flexible system that offers a combination of visualization and interactive management applications to provide the best possible solution. The visualization option provides a graphical representation of existing processes, whereas the interactive option embeds the processes into the 3D model database. MODS' interactive solution provides significantly more opportunities to use the project's model, the hookup, and handover, delivering much-improved efficiency. We gain the most incredible efficiency from 3D data, but our solutions can and do work on a 2D basis as clients require.


Be mobile and real-time.

Almost 2.71 billion people in the world own a smartphone and the predictions say that number will be up to 7.33 billion by 2023. MODS has a broad adoption of mobile technology and applications specifically targeted to provide solutions to Brownfield oil and gas challenges. Our work execution and data viewing apps available on intrinsically safe and general mobile technology enhance our core products.


Be cost-effective

Deploying a 3D management solution like MODS Connect or MODS Reality can offer fast track improvements to the Brownfield project for contractors or owner-operators. MODS tailor our services to each project, making sure the service you pay for is the right one to maximizes your ROI.

Contact MODS to find out how we can help you:

  • Improved interface management between the phases to reduce the schedule and cost.
  • Utilize Interactive processes that are 40% more efficient due to the structured scope definition and the high level of automation in work preparation and control
  • Gain up to a 20% reduction in the offshore norm through improved planning and better workflow
  • Give your team access to the 3D model to encouraging teamwork, confidence. Improved access to information is reported to deliver at least a 2% reduction in CAPEX.