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Digital Transformation


3 min read

How Data Is Driving Facilities of the Future: Digital Partnerships and DX Success

This blog is the continuation of Data-driven...


3 min read

How Data Is Driving Facilities of the Future: Towards Interoperability and Sustainability

Following socio-political pressures towards net...


5 min read

Data Integrity: The Flint That Lights the Flame of Digitalization

In most sectors these days from healthcare to...


5 min read

Go Digital for a Transparent Future

Many industrial-sector concerns revolve around...


4 min read

The Digital EPC - Handover Solution

The unicorn of Engineering, Procurement and...


5 min read

JGC and MODS: A Case Study in Partnership and the Power of Digital Transformation

A significant global contributor to economic...


5 min read

Jon Bell, CEO, Reflects on Successes and Shares His Vision for the Future

With challenge comes opportunity.


4 min read

Digitalization: The One Source of Truth

Chevron Australia, in partnership with AusGroup...


4 min read

Material Tracking: Know the Status of Your Materials in Real-Time

How materials are managed in a project plays a...


4 min read

Essential Questions to Ask When Digitalizing Joint Integrity

As businesses compete to remain competitive and...


5 min read

Ai And Robotics in the Energy EPC Sector Requires a Powerful Prerequisite

It is all about the input - yes, it is as simple...


6 min read

Transparency – A Clear View of the Future

Picture the scene. You are a Construction manager...


4 min read

JGC’s Promising Partnership With the ‘Small but Mighty’ MODS

The JGC Corporation, is one of the largest global...