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Stuart Pirie Appointed as VP of Software Engineering at MODS


MODS welcomes Stuart Pirie, who formally joined the team as Vice President of Software Engineering on 17th October 2022.




Jon Bell, CEO, says:


“I am delighted to welcome Stuart to the MODS family as our VP of Software Engineering. He has an established relationship with our developers through his previous contract work. This new role will leverage those relationships alongside his technical expertise to drive focus on continuous product improvement.”


With extensive experience in software development, Stuart had previously been working as an independent contractor developing MODS latest materials management application. As such, he brings a wealth of knowledge and background in both development and delivery of software applications.




Rich Cox, CTO, says:


“After working with Stuart over the past months I know he will greatly enhance our team and provide industry standard communication along with sound procedures, allowing Operations and Development to perform efficiently and with one key objective.”


As it’s a new role within the MODS organization, there’s no precedent and Stuart expects it to evolve over time. Responsible for development and release of all of MODS’s software products, Stuart’s direct reports include all internal and external developers.




With upwards of 30 developers on board, Stuart says:


“My initial focus is to unify the developers and get established procedures in situ that reinforce our quality standards and improve timeline estimates for releases and upgrades. Streamlining our development practices allows the developers to keep their focus squarely on product improvement.”


The entire MODS family wishes Stuart a successful start! Digitalize your completions management for safe and timely handovers.


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