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JGC: Upcoming Projects Using MODS

JGC: Upcoming Projects Using MODS

JGC Corporation, who have demonstrated a track record of results-driven digital transformation on their engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects using MODS Origin, show no signs of slowing down.


What is JGC?

JGC is actually a who. Part of JGC Holdings Corporation, the JGC Corporation consists of three construction divisions: Energy Solutions, Project Solutions Center and Facility Infrastructure Solutions.




Known for their zero accidents record and boasting 20,000 projects in over eighty countries worldwide, JGC is a first tier contractor pioneering digital transformation in the construction of complex builds.



JGC construction teamed up with MODS in 2016 and have since become major shareholders, investing time, energy and resource into data management by way of MODS Origin, including Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and other features, as integral to their digital transformation.




What is MODS Origin?

MODS Origin is a software solution addressing the needs of EPC contractors, owner-operators and module fabricators. Offering six module options, MODS Origin digitally unifies construction, execution, completions, and handover of greenfield projects with cloud-based mobile technology to de-bottleneck, saving time and money.

The six MODS Origin modules are: Construct, Permit, Preservation, Test, Handover and Reality.

  1. ConstructAdvanced Work Packaging using interactive, real-time 3D models to create, schedule, execute installations.
  2. Permit – Digital paperless safety permit and certification system.
  3. Preservation – Equipment/material preservation tracking from laydown to start-up and maintenance.
  4. Test – (Piping, Loop, Energize) Create, control, execute instrument, piping, electrical test packages.
    1. Piping: pressure tests systems and lines, create and monitor test packages.
    2. Loop: Instrumentation loop testing.
    3. Energize: Greenfield, big power sub stations, concentrates on power of plant.
  5. Handover – System completions and commissioning including tracking of Inspection Test Records (ITRs).
  6. Reality – 3D models showing progress, scheduling, reporting; brings all of the modules together, visualizing progress via interactive 3D schematic.


JGC’s Digital Transformation (DX) Journey

JGC has successfully implemented MODS Origin (and its predecessor) as a single construction management digital solution on ten major energy-sector construction projects. As JGC’s tagline reads “enhancing planetary health,” it is imperative that they minimize embodied carbon and the overall footprint of their construction execution processes.




The paperless MODS Origin, with its Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) solution – the Construct module – does just that through centralizing data and by streamlining communications, planning and project working. JGC champions this module alongside Test for helping them achieve the following:

  • 70% reduction in time spent on test packages.
  • 35% time saved thanks to reducing human error.
  • Significant reduction of CAPEX as demonstrated by a savings of over 3 million USD on just one oil refinery expansion project.
  • More efficient communications, owing to remote cloud-based data access.
  • Better forecasting ability using remotely-accessible, real-time 3D visualization.

Keeping in mind their mission to enhance planetary health, JGC has aligned their EPC DX vision with their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Innovation is the name of the game, and JGC will draw from three innovation ecosystems: EPC, design and technology.




Capitalizing on various sources of innovation, JGC’s digital project delivery adopts a four-layer approach:

  • Digitization and standardization, which digitizes and automates processes for lean project execution using AWP.
  • Centralization and integration, fostering data-centric collaboration via platform integration. 
  • Work package management to establish a common data environment for building information management (BIM), working towards the concept of “design once, build many.
  • Digital transformation with digital twin project simulation and generative plant design.


JGC’s Upcoming DX Projects

In May 2022, JGC construction won a bid to use MODS Origin on a project that’s part of the Zuluf Arab Heavy Development Program. This Saudi Aramco initiative is designed to increase production by an additional 600 MBCD (million barrels of crude per day) to meet growing global energy demand.

JGC, using MODS Origin, will construct the core onshore gas-oil separation plant (GOSP) and utility facilities (including water injection for improved hydrocarbon recovery). JGC is already starting preparation of MODS Origin to execute this contract award, which entails the construction of both the onshore GOSP and utility facilities simultaneously, building on both JGC’s existing relationship with Saudi Aramco and with MODS.

JGC are also under bid for several liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants as well as a chemical plant project, which are expected to be starting this year and that will capitalize on the benefits of MODS Origin.

A top LNG contractor, in April 2022 JGC was awarded the EPC contract for one such project: an expansion project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, USA, which will increase production of three existing LNG trains. Construction of a fourth train is expected to increase production up to 56 percent, by upwards of an additional 6.75 million tons per year, using electric drive motors instead of gas turbine drives to minimize carbon emissions. The agility of MODS Origin, notably it's modular components that can function as standalone software while integrating with existing systems, offers JGC advantages in this and similar projects.


JGC’s Digital Outlook

JGC’s digital future towards digital EPC delivery encompasses all project phases. They continue to visualize and automate construction and turnover to better manage gaps between construction and inspection, addressing bottlenecks before they happen. But their DX journey is more expansive than that, addressing the entire EPC project cycle.

Furthering data integration of construction and turnover projects using tools such as MODS Origin that digitally integrate all drawings and information for construction, inspection and delivery, JGC continues to push towards automated compilation of things such as test loop packages and turnover packages.

JGC is a visionary of the EPC world. Paving the way towards exciting revolutions in construction including a project to establish the remote management of overseas construction projects, as well as other progressive and technologically advanced concepts using MODS Origin, they are digitally transforming the EPC world one project at a time.


Check out the MODS Origin solution JGC is using for their projects.

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