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3 min read

The Digital Decommissioning Opportunity

Decommissioning is an essential lifecycle stage for industrial assets known more so for its financial, environmental and safety risks than for its opportunity. In the North Sea alone, at least 2,000 oil and gas wells are slated for decommissioning...


4 min read

Jon Bell, CEO, looks ahead to 2023

MODS’s co-founder and CEO, Jon Bell, reflects on...


2 min read

Materials Management for Capital Project Circularity

Infrastructure consumes over half of the world’s...


3 min read

EPC Innovation: On climate change and construction

Paris, the city of love, is also the city where...


5 min read

A Developer’s Journey: From creating the original code to CTO

MODS’s enigmatic Richard Cox, CTO, leads a motley...


3 min read

Key Takeaways from the 2022 North America AWP Conference

The two-day Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) North...


2 min read

JGC Wins AWP Project Award Through Digital Partnership With MODS

We at MODS delight in celebrating our partners,...


1 min read

Stuart Pirie Appointed as VP of Software Engineering at MODS

MODS welcomes Stuart Pirie, who formally joined...


2 min read

Global Collaborations in AWP for Construction Exection Optimization

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as a capital...


2 min read

How Digital Work Packs Reinforce Lean Construction Principles

We have talked about how digital infrastructure...


3 min read

What Are Work Packs?

What are work packs? Well, it depends on whom you...


2 min read

From LEAN to BIM and Beyond: The Evolving Sophistication of Construction Data Acquisition

Building Information Management (BIM), or ...


5 min read

Robert O’Connor – Inside MODS Series

Robert O’Connor, MODS’s Completions Manager, is a...