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Digital transformation for Industry 4.0.


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2 min read

Top 5 Insights for a Successful Turnaround: Quality assuring information management to avoid data loss and inaccuracy

Our 5 insights for successful TARs and shutdown management are as follows: Quality assure information management to avoid data loss and inaccuracy. Make all project records transparent for full accountability of all stakeholders. Facilitate ease...

Top 5 Insights for a Successful Turnaround

3 min read

Top 5 Insights for a Successful Turnaround

For productive industrial facilities, the...

2 min read

Control Costs and Optimize Productivity with Digital Materials Management

The manner in which materials are managed impacts...

5 min read

Donald Paterson – Inside MODS Series

One of the original core MODS members, Donald...

1 min read

Michael Birkin Appointed as Head of Sales - APAC Region at MODS

MODS welcome Michael Birkin, who recently joined...

3 min read

JGC’s EPC Transformation: Lessons from a DX Superstar

Recipients of a recent Advanced Work Packaging...

3 min read

Advanced Work Packaging versus Digital Work Packs: What’s the difference?

Work packages drive forward progress in...

2 min read

Digitalization and The Fabrication Market Outlook

“If you build it, they will come.” So goes the...

3 min read

How Remote Inspections Revolutionize Asset Integrity Management

Driven largely by the safety and regulatory...

3 min read

Steel-mate: The quest to decarbonize steel throughout the value-and-supply chain

The steel industry emits over 3 billion tonnes of...

EPC innovation and sustainability

3 min read

Innovation as a pathway to sustainability

Sustainability. Decarbonization. Environmental,...

MODS at OEUK ShareFair 2023

4 min read

Takeaways from the OEUK Share Fair 2023

MODS recently attended the OEUK Share Fair in...

3 min read

Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a Digital Partner for Your Industrial Assets

It’s viral. Digital transformation (DX) is an...