Hundreds of millions of people are living through lockdowns around the world. Many have shifted to working from home and unfortunately, millions have lost jobs.

The future looks uncertain. We don't know when things will return to normal, but one thing is certain – the way we do work has changed at an unprecedented pace in that the future is Digital.

The DX (Digital Transformation) initiatives that organizations were hesitantly exploring, especially in heavy industry and Energy sectors, have no choice but to quickly adapt themselves to a scenario where work means exponential engagement for remote workers on site and for new home office workers. Organizations in the Energy sector who have conquered these changes are the ones who have embraced true digital transformation with open arms.

One such story is of Japan's leading EPC, the JGC (Japan Gasoline Corporation). JGC, through its Digital transformation initiatives, strong leadership, and effective planning, has preempted changing trends and are well on their way to being on the top of their game in the volatile and sensitive globally competitive market.

Businesses vary when it comes to assimilating new technologies, new products, and processes and redefining their thinking and doing business. The JGC corporation is ready for the future, having adopted game changing technology in the form of MODS software stack, which is their gateway to faster, safer, and more convenient operations and business processes to reduce costs, enhanced productivity, and boost performance.

MODS is bridging the gap between the real and the digital world with data capture in real-time, monitoring project progress, digital work front activity management, advanced completion analytics, connecting people to both information and best practices, and automated control system to enhance safety and minimize the risk of human error.

In this historic transition to an online world of streamlined operations, the oil and gas sector heralds a new age of digital technologies that will create an enabling ecosystem for people and processes to work in seamless cohesion. Aligning with Industry 4.0 for your business is the embodiment of optimization and efficiency, enabling people to succeed in a digital age. We live in a time full of technology-filled disruption with a future full of possibilities if you accept change.


Digital transformation is started by people, not by technology

It's really all about evaluating and adopting the right technology – one that helps your business ‘get there’ in keeping with organizations goals and growth objectives. You can have the best technology in the world. If people do not want to use it, then it simply turns out to be a dead and often hugely expensive investment. Digital transformation begins as a cultural change even before adoption of technology. A truly effective Digital First platform will put technology second. It’s important to remember that customers are the real drivers of DX in business.


Actionable Data: A critical reasons for going Digital

Now, in an era where digital connectivity and engagement is at an all time high, DX provides organizations with a rich opportunity to create new value propositions and modify existing ones with specific customer needs in mind. According to Gartner, by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency. So, a company’s ability to compete in the new face of Digital economy will require real time decisions based on analytics driven data with measurable metrics. Embracing true digital transformation will certainly help shape core business strategy across industries and eventually be the factor that ensures business success.

From an internal business objective point of view, creating value out of data in the way we work or interact is critical as a means of improving industrial safety, improving operational performance, reducing costs, improving the customer journey, and creating new business opportunities. Digital is also an excellent opportunity to break silos, improve the way we collaborate and share and improve the way we innovate in a collaborative suite, where everything is more transparent.


Digital transformation in the Industrial context

Creating a single source of truth for industrial installations, and managing all documentation as well as 3D models, means that we move from a document-centric approach to a visual object-centric or asset-centric process, where multiple vendors help maintain the digital twin variation. To ensure optimized asset maintenance especially in the case of ageing infrastructure, it’s critical to ensure that the digital twin mirrors ongoing design and feature changes in the physical asset. This is now mean task! The one size fits all approach for energy projects offshore and onshore does not work. That's why organizations like MODS rely on close relationships with EPC's and Operators when creating niche solutions.

We believe that MODS has a vital role in a digital-first world in the energy sector, but the opportunities for digital transformation are expansive and wide-ranging. Businesses that do it well will drive engagement, achieve organizational agility, maintain alignment, and empower teamwork across all disciplines and locations. They will have a competitive advantage in this new era of work, and MODS is continuously evolving to help them do that.



End to end digitalization simply has to be a top down approach and permeate across the length and breadth of any organization. Business leaders need to move away, especially in traditional industries such as Energy, from dogmatic thinking and adapt to the given and changing landscape. Empowering field workers as well as those in offsite roles with best practices and onboarding them to the digital workforce, cannot be stressed enough.

If we can move past decades of orthodoxy about the use of physical paper-centric work, we can realize success stories freeing ourselves from bad habits and inefficient processes, from ineffective meetings to unnecessary bureaucracy. Every leader believes they can do better, and things can move faster: well, it’s now been handed to us on a platter. Welcome to the wholly unprecedented and new Digital era.


Want to know more about digital transformation? Go check out our Digital transformation - everything you need to know.


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