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Actionable Data into Aging Infrastructure Using Dimensional Control & Laser Scanning

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Whether it's a complex level problem in your plant or a single defect in a piece of equipment, the ROI delivered to Operators by completing projects depends not just on the minimization of project CAPEX but also on minimizing the operating costs of the assets life-cycle. Imagine a 3D Model pointing to exact specifications of where a plant defect is whilst continuously updating changes toward the final As-built data? A Laser scanning system with dimensional control would provide deep visibility in complex plant structure defects such as an entire plant floor, where the scan captures visuals and dimensions in one go, of all targets captured and controlled by a total station.

A solution like MODS Dimensional Control (DC) delivers results with greater accuracy to ensure that everything fits right the first time without shutting down the entire plant and incurring heavy losses. So, it virtually eliminates any unnecessary rework or hot work on live installations. Software like ours provides an affordable and easily adoptable solution to reduce costs and institutionalize operational excellence.


Importance of DC with Laser Scanning for Dependable As-built data

With current conditions affecting industry outcomes, especially in the energy sector, reining in plant and maintenance costs is imperative to how the future looks for business.

So how does Laser Scanning work exactly? Essentially, a point cloud data solution utilizing the latest scanning technology, operated by qualified Surveyors, to ensure high quality, dependable, and close to real-time scanning coverage of facilities. Scanning services that are a combination of the very latest in Laser scanning equipment and techniques blended with extensive "traditional" dimensional control knowledge are able to produce high-quality deliverables based on truly actionable insights.

In a nutshell, Digital Capturing Technology will allow you to create a clear and precise digital record of an asset's or project's existing conditions. This will allow you to make better decisions across multiple teams globally.


Laser Scanning and Digital Twin – Hype or Real?

According to, "The concept of the digital twin isn't exactly new, but like many things in Industry 4.0, digital twins are emerging more frequently as a result of the convergence of technologies that enable their existence". So, if one considers that a Digital Twin is a virtual and often 3D representation of a real-life system, then a high-quality laser scanning system such as MODS Reality allows material and structural flaws to be measured and modeled in the Digital Twin. Deep diagnostics can be used to reduce downtime, lower the cost of maintenance and ownership as well as to increase ROI.

For true visibility of plant conditions, risk mitigation from schedule changes, reduction in repeat onsite measurement, and fewer site visits, a Digital Point Cloud system becomes imperative for pushing the Industry 4.0 agenda.


Delivering ROI with more Control through MODS Dimensional Control

The MODS solution imports raw data directly into a CAD environment for deep visibility and accurate survey data interpretation. These models can be used with the High definition point cloud for clash checking of designs and verifying existing conditions.

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