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With a myriad of options available in today’s marketplace, choosing the right Digital Transformation (DX) partner for your Energy Sector organization is a particularly difficult decision to make. The pressure and anxiety of making the wrong choice is not only an expensive one in time and monetary terms, but one that will impact on every area of the business should an unsuitable selection be made.

The availability and increase in Innovative technologies plus the access to more affordable supporting hardware, has made the lure of Digital Transformation one that is not only an attractive ROI but is becoming a necessity to ensure a company’s future viability to trade.

Digital Technology in the Energy industry can involve a host of possibilities including making the most of digital twins, revolutionizing operational risk and improve efficiency, to cost-cutting and connecting workforces wherever they are in the world. This potential is driving Energy sector firms to invest heavily in DX initiatives to achieve Operational Excellence in projects of all sizes. 

It is clear to see that DX is becoming a high priority on Funding agendas for many corporations. They know they have to embrace digital services to ensure market survival. Plants and facility Digital twins have become significant for predictive analytics for project monitoring, asset failure and connected work platforms and investing wisely will ensure the maximum return in investment.


Knocking Down Barriers

Many organizations struggle to successfully implement their DX projects, with some significant barriers still remaining. Formulating a Digital transformation roadmap is incredibly complex as it involves people, process technology as well as data – lots of data. The majority of companies do not have the internal expertise to set this out and are overwhelmed with how to integrate legacy IT and OT systems. Genuine concern of losing historical data, creating new silos, or replacing systems with a less-functional ‘patch up’ solutions are never far from lips of front-line workers. Any change in the workplace can be met with in trepidation therefore converting to digital practices is not enough, businesses need the reassurance that solutions are practical to use, data is transferable, and the efficiencies predicted are achievable and proven to avoid any doubt within the workforce.

Many executives may feel uncomfortable stepping into untested waters when digitizing their operations which is why the digital partner must know your industry well. Successfully deploying any technology requires engagement and buy-in from the staff who will be using it, so change management is a considerable success component.


Research Is Key for a Good Relationship

Selecting the best vendor for your collection of challenges is essential. Consultants and vendors help provide direction and best practices from the previous projects they have implemented for other clients. Garnering unbiased views on suitable technologies is the only way to improve your decision-making power. If possible, hold discussions directly with other users of the system, ask vendors to hold workshops or provide a demonstration of simulated scenarios. A trawl of the internet or a power-point presentation will never satisfy the long list of questions and queries you have. Engaging with potential vendors is the only path to take when creating your digital roadmap initiative.

Choosing the Digital partner must be a discerning choice. Customers are seeking collaboration with a service provider who can meet their business digital needs, one that is the best fit for their current capabilities and who will also help them look to the future. In the energy sector, both operators and contractors invest in digital programs and partnerships to boost their capabilities, as this is a significant success factor. However, the more discerning customers are searching for service providers who not only have the technical expertise but also have industry knowledge. This ‘hands on’, practical and proven experience of implementing innovative technologies into the industrial setting, together with assisting the digital transformation journey, is the secret to the perfect partnership.


Happy Marriage

The Energy Sector is desperately seeking Solution providers with the blend of knowledge of industrial processes and digital technologies. It is this marriage of practical traits that ultimately delivers improvements across Asset reliability and expansion, Maintenance, Plant turnarounds, and new build megaprojects.

The marketplace is full of well-known engineering IoT and Data system providers like Aspen tech, AVEVA, Bentley Systems, GE digital, Hexagon, PTC, and SAP, to name a few. However, there are many smaller, niche providers, such as MODS, who are making a mighty impact with their DX software solutions.


Perfect Partners

MODS has more than a decade of proven experience in delivering a wide range of projects ranging from Laser scanning, Digital Work packs, Materials management and Progress tracking to Joint integrity, Digital Completions and Commissioning to Integrity assurance. 

Providing digital services for something such as a Plant turnaround that delivers near real-time information on work progress and planning, requires subject matter expertise. This knowledge ensures the introduction of appropriate innovation methodologies that practically boost business performance. To safeguard that these improvements align with the overarching digital transformation strategy, requires solutions from companies that have worked in the field. MODS have been implementing digital strategy for outages, shutdowns, and turnarounds for more than ten years. MODS is also very aware that the secret to their success has been the collaborative relationship with industry clients enriched by their team’s practical field experience.

The Technology market for the Energy industry has grown extensively and rapidly in recent years. Digital services for Asset integrity projects, including integrity and risk-based inspection programs and Risk analysis are highly sought after. Software solutions that assist and enhance Corrosion rate assessments, Condition assessment, the management of Critical Infrastructure, and the implementation of Asset integrity management plans, are all part of the wide range of services for Asset reliability and Maintenance optimization available on the market.

Facility-Wide computerized Maintenance management systems are becoming commonplace and the emergence of more Environmental management digital tools, using drones mounted with infrared and laser sensors to detect gas leaks, are also becoming more commonplace.

This all points to the fact that buyers must seek a service provider with solid domain expertise in Asset maintenance and reliability, for assuring operational excellence on their assets. The long-term savings are unbeatable and mitigate the ROI and in-depth, lengthy search for the appropriate digital partner.

MODS might boast of their team’s Energy sector knowledge and experience, but their business partners are from different backgrounds within the industry. JGC have invested in MODS and together they are drawing on each other’s areas of expertise to produce focused solutions using their industry experience.

MODS has a digitization solution that offers the perfect partnership. When eyeing up your Asset Management processes, MODS has capabilities for projects involving Asset reliability and integrity; this being one of the top reasons for DX investment. Maintenance optimization and Plant turnaround management are also a priority for organizations looking for digital solutions with the management of worker safety, occupational health, and environmental management not far behind them.

Any viable partnership must have the potential to improve performance and MODS has in-built processes within its digital software solutions which maximize process excellence as well as offering performance measurement within projects.

The volatility in Oil prices and the global pandemic’s remote access demand have been the motivators behind Market DX. The future is most certainly a digital one with organization utilizing technology and digitizing heavily to deliver cost efficiencies and ensure workers' safety.

Finding the fit-for-purpose digital partner, a trust-worthy and reliable friend to formulate a vision for the future with, is no easy task for any firm. MODS are proving their credentials with their global customers by continuously delivering and improving their digital services, all while optimizing planning processes, increasing productivity and maximize efficiency and reducing costs, regardless of project size or location. If ever you were looking for your ideal digital collaborator, MODS may well be the perfect match.


Talk to our Specialistand check if we are a good match to be your digital partner.

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