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Lisa De Vellis, PE

Professionally licensed as Civil Engineer Stateside, and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager in the UK, Lisa specializes in content creation of technical concepts that is both human-centered and for global audiences.


2 min read

How Digital Work Packs Reinforce Lean Construction Principles

We have talked about how digital infrastructure is the keystone to Lean Construction and enabling BIM systems for the modernization and optimization of the construction, installation, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of industrial assets.


3 min read

What Are Work Packs?

What are work packs? Well, it depends on whom you...


2 min read

From LEAN to BIM and Beyond: The Evolving Sophistication of Construction Data Acquisition

Building Information Management (BIM), or ...


5 min read

Robert O’Connor – Inside MODS Series

Robert O’Connor, MODS’s Completions Manager, is a...


3 min read

MODS Celebrates Day of the Programmer: In conversation with Anu Tomy

September 13th is dedicated to celebrating...


4 min read

Lean Construction: Why materials, time and value matter

The extent to which workflows are data-driven in...


2 min read

Connected Delivery: Petrofac’s Digital Experience

Petrofac designs, builds, and operates...


3 min read

The Benefits of Going Paperless in Industrial Construction

Going paperless by replacing hard-copy...


6 min read

Andy Wilson – Inside MODS Series

Already demonstrating longevity and prowess, Andy...


3 min read

JGC: Upcoming Projects Using MODS

JGC Corporation, who have demonstrated a track...


4 min read

Future Trends in Energy Sector Facilities

The future of the energy sector rests at the...


3 min read

Construction Digital Twins: Future Trends in Energy Sector Facilities

This is the final blog in our four-part series...


3 min read

Minimal Facility Design: Future Trends in Energy Sector Facilities

This blog is the third in a four-part series...