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Lisa De Vellis, PE

Professionally licensed as Civil Engineer Stateside, and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager in the UK, Lisa specializes in content creation of technical concepts that is both human-centered and for global audiences.


4 min read

Jon Bell, CEO, looks ahead to 2023

MODS’s co-founder and CEO, Jon Bell, reflects on MODS’s evolution and trajectory moving into 2023.


2 min read

Materials Management for Capital Project Circularity

Infrastructure consumes over half of the world’s...


3 min read

EPC Innovation: On climate change and construction

Paris, the city of love, is also the city where...


5 min read

A Developer’s Journey: From creating the original code to CTO

MODS’s enigmatic Richard Cox, CTO, leads a motley...


3 min read

Key Takeaways from the 2022 North America AWP Conference

The two-day Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) North...


2 min read

JGC Wins AWP Project Award Through Digital Partnership With MODS

We at MODS delight in celebrating our partners,...


1 min read

Stuart Pirie Appointed as VP of Software Engineering at MODS

MODS welcomes Stuart Pirie, who formally joined...


2 min read

Global Collaborations in AWP for Construction Execution Optimization

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as a capital...


2 min read

How Digital Work Packs Reinforce Lean Construction Principles

We have talked about how digital infrastructure...


3 min read

What Are Work Packs?

What are work packs? Well, it depends on whom you...


2 min read

From LEAN to BIM and Beyond: The Evolving Sophistication of Construction Data Acquisition

Building Information Management (BIM), or ...


5 min read

Robert O’Connor – Inside MODS Series

Robert O’Connor, MODS’s Completions Manager, is a...


3 min read

MODS Celebrates Day of the Programmer: In conversation with Anu Tomy

September 13th is dedicated to celebrating...