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Lisa De Vellis, PE

Professionally licensed as Civil Engineer Stateside, and a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager in the UK, Lisa specializes in content creation of technical concepts that is both human-centered and for global audiences.


5 min read

Go Digital for a Transparent Future

Many industrial-sector concerns revolve around communication silos where information is stored and sometimes obscured from other teams working on the same project. Teams rely on their own versions of information locked away in their laptops, exposed...


3 min read

Laser Scanning: Creating a Dimensional Reality

"Insufficient facts always invite danger.” – Dr....


4 min read

The Digital EPC - Handover Solution

The unicorn of Engineering, Procurement and...


3 min read

How Digital Technology Can Breathe New Life Into Industrial Fabrication

“The more you build, the more you’re going to...


5 min read

Meet the CMO - Inside MODS Series

Kirsty Sweeney, MODS’s Chief Marketing Officer...


5 min read

JGC and MODS: A Case Study in Partnership and the Power of Digital Transformation

A significant global contributor to economic...


4 min read

Construct Without Borders: How Paperless Technologies Enable Global Collaborations

White-knuckled, people cling to paper. Entrenched...


4 min read

Adapt or Die:  How Digitalization Helps Oil & Gas Contribute to the SDGs

“Adapt or die,” warns the UK Environment Agency...


3 min read

Klaudia Ambroziak – Inside MODS Series

With MODS for nearly two years now, Klaudia...


3 min read

Stop Flying by Night: Remote Construction Management Using Drones

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, show me the latest...


4 min read

Digitalization: The One Source of Truth

Chevron Australia, in partnership with AusGroup...


3 min read

Cradle Your Completions With Digital Handovers

Kids are a lot of work. Parents put in countless...


3 min read

In the Palm of Your Hand: The Power of Tablets in the Energy  Sector

We all have them. Our children obsess over them....