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Commissioning & Integrity with GIS in the USA

It goes without saying that commissioning is a critical portion of any project. The integrity of the services provided during this portion of the project are just as important.
In a technology partnership Grand Isle Shipyards with MODS has been providing Commissioning and Integrity services to the energy industry for the past 5 years using MODS Connect, GIS based in the USA has over 50+ years of service in the industry.
MODS/GIS Commissioning & Integrity Offers the Following Services in the USA
  • VME Flange Management/Joint Integrity
  • QA/QC for piping installation
  • Hydrostatic/Leak Testing Package creation
  • Hydrostatic Testing 0-25,000psig
  • Nitrogen Leak Testing 0-10,000psig
  • Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning, Ultra Sonics,
  • Flange Machining
  • Cold Cutting, with clam shell saws, guillotine saw, diamond blade technology
  • Isolations & Weld testing utilizing the latest in double block & bleed technology
  • Hot Oil Flush/Chemical Cleaning
  • Cold/Hot Tapping
  • Global Projects undertaken
  • Large Green field Projects
  • Turnarounds
  • Hook ups
We have taken the field services and combined them with our state of the art software MODS Connect to track and execute these services in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner.
In combination with our dimensional control group and our construction teams we provide assurance that solutions are designed, fabricated & installed safely & efficiently, minimising site hot work & site man hours. Ensuring all items fit first time.
Contact us for successful Commissioning and Integrity services.