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Jon Bell, CEO, looks ahead to 2023


MODS’s co-founder and CEO, Jon Bell, reflects on MODS’s evolution and trajectory moving into 2023.


How are MODS’s existing partnerships growing?


2022 saw a focus on product development and investment in our existing global partnerships with Japan-based JGC, US-based GIS and Petrofac in the UK.

MODS has come a long way over our history from a dimensional control service provider to the digital partner we are today.

We will continue to nurture our partnerships with JGC, GIS and Petrofac, which solidifies our track record as the bespoke digital partner in capital project execution as well as in the upgrades, maintenance and decommissioning of existing industrial assets.


What was new for MODS in 2022?

MODS’s got a new home base in 2022. We moved our headquarters into a new office on Aberdeen’s Albyn Place, a renowned street paying homage to the North Sea energy sector. This is an exciting time for MODS, as we establish a physical presence in the historical district that has flourished under the North Sea oil industry since the 70’s.


Keeping pace with the world, Albyn Place has since transformed into a diversified portfolio of businesses, where MODS is very at home in this prominent city center location. We are, firstly, a digital company, so easily operate in a global sphere.

But MODS’s employees are a big family and this new HQ space has been designed with that in mind. Our office is shared and visited by members from our partner groups, JGC and GIS, so it reflects the multi-cultural environments in which our software is used.


Speaking of a multi-cultural outlook, what’s in store for 2023?

We step into 2023 with an expansive outlook, broadening our geographical scope to include a strong focus on the APAC region. To that end, we’re building a global sales team and are in the process of welcoming three new hires in Australia, Southeast Asia and in the UK.

2022 feedback from our partners has applauded MODS’s responsiveness and agility. And those are things we continue to embrace as defining traits of MODS as a digital partner. Responsiveness and agility are true both of our software products and of MODS as a digital partner.

We will continue to work with owner-operators, EPC contracts and fabrication yards with a focus on both upstream and downstream oil & gas and petrochemicals and are generating increasing momentum to move into renewables and green energy. 



How are MODS’s services evolving?

MODS has come a long way over 20-plus years, keeping pace with technology and pioneering sustainable data-driven solutions. We are not just a software vendor, we are a digital partner. We continue to support laser scanning as part of our Reality visualization data hub, though our focus remains on the software development side, bringing the latest technologies to our clients in a user-friendly format.

Twenty years ago, MODS started working offshore and in the field. There’s an unmet need in oil & gas and in other industrial sectors that our software and digital partnership fills. It’s a need that we witnessed first-hand for years, which is why we’re well poised to introduce solutions. We continue to diversify and bring sustainable data-driven solutions to help owner-operators and EPC contractors streamline their workflows and decarbonize their processes.

What we’re good at is developing quality software and digitalization. And that is where our focus squarely sits.


Can you speak a bit to MODS presence in North America?

We continue to work closely with our US-based partners, GIS, who have recently established a digital solutions group. This is fantastic news and reflects the evolving needs of the industries we serve. With MODS’s software making up the majority of GIS’s digital solutions offering, we will continue to work in partnership in America. 



Mark Pregeant Jr, President Grand Isle Shipyard (GIS)


“From our solid partnership, we have seen commercial growth, been successful and had some fun along the way. Teaming up with MODS helped us really understand where we could see the synergies and opportunities within our services...MODS has brought a lot of unique ideas and their technology is helping us here at GIS develop some new service lines especially in Commissioning, Joint integrity, Leak testing and Torquing to name just a few. The pandemic has proved that technology and connectivity is vital and that’s helped us push things forward. MODS have been invaluable to us becoming the Turnkey service provider we are today.” 


Through this relationship, we are thrilled to be starting a contract in the States with the US Navy Vessels Towing, Salvage and Rescue Ship (T-ATS) for the Bolinger Shipyard, which is something we’re hoping will evolve into a long-term relationship. Stateside, we are looking towards new offerings downstream and to beef up the joint integrity and leak testing offerings as well as our digitalization technologies. And, certainly, we continue to invest in integrity management offerings through our Reality visualization data hub.


What were the highlights of 2022?

Establishing our new home base on Albyn Place reflects our identity as a global family business. Expanding our reach through a new sales presence in Perth and Malaysia is an extension of this.
Internally, we prioritize MODS’s working culture. Happy employees are productive employees and, as MODS has transitioned from being a service contractor to a software house, we are continuously asking ourselves: How can we better adapt and provide a better working environment?

We at MODS, and I, personally, value our employees and seek to advance MODS’s company culture to support this functional transformation. I strive for camaraderie and want people to be proud to work for MODS.


What’s next for MODS over coming years?

Internally, we continue to evolve and adapt. With a new management structure in place, we remain fluid and are making plans as to how best support this new management structure. We are a company that promotes change – that’s what our software does, promote positive change towards digital transformation.

Everyone knows that change can be intimidating. But we manifest that ethos internally, not shying away from change. MODS is growing and I project a growth plan that is at once sustainable but with a foot on the accelerator for both our corporate and software development.

I extend my holiday wishes to all of MODS’s employees, our partners, families and friends throughout the world. Cheers!


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