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Happy 20th Birthday, MODS!


Founded in 2002 by father and son team Keith and Jon Bell, MODS celebrates twenty years of excellence on May 17th, 2022.

Having begun as began as a dimensional control and laser scanning company, MODS is now also a leading software developer. Serving EPC contractors and owner-operators in the energy sector, with original offerings intact MODS now also offers a range of innovative digital solutions for newbuild, greenfield and other mega-projects, brownfield development, shutdowns and upgrades, as well as smaller projects and asset maintenance.

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In celebration of twenty years of industry experience, the release of MODS 2.0 software packages further the promise to simplify the complex in environments where schedule and safety dominate.

Over the years, all of the Bell brothers have now joined the team after having their own successful careers within the industry. Bringing their experience and skills together has helped strengthen our offering globally.

While MODS services and products evolve, this wouldn't be possible without our loyal, hardworking members of staff. The role everyone plays is monumental and all abilities and efforts have helped the success of this organisation. Together, we celebrate and take pride in our accomplishments and commitment to excellence.




Jon Bell, co-founder and CEO, says:


“We founded MODS as a family company. Those family values permeate everything we do and have nurtured our growth into a global organization. Now, twenty years later, alongside partners JGC and GIS we continue to build the MODS legacy. We innovate, yet we remain guided by our core family values.”



Working with EPC contractors and owner-operators on their digital transformation journeys, MODS software is designed by engineers for engineers. It increases efficiencies, reduces costs, enhances sustainability and facilitates global working. But executing vision doesn’t happen on its own. It occurs in partnership.




With a twenty-year history, MODS is helping oil & gas evolve their Industry 4.0 strategies. Jon continues:


“In partnership, together we become experience-disruptors, implementing digital strategies to increase safety, save time and decrease costs.

MODS’s software packages, like our people, are solutions focused and responsive. I marvel over how far we’ve come, from our original services to, now, offering two comprehensive yet modular packages – Connect and Origin – that revolve around brownfield development and new construction of complex facilities, respectively. With a choice of thirteen interoperable modules, including sophisticated functions such as Advanced Work Packaging, asset visualization and construction digital twin, MODS solutions are customizable and bespoke.

The way we have evolved from MODS’s original vision articulates in and of itself the agility at the core of our business.”


With international partners in Japan, Australia and the United States, MODS breaks down both geographic and cultural barriers, implementing solutions that are both turnkey and versatile. The future vision revolves around continued excellence, innovation and these global relationships.




As Jon explains:


“From ongoing collaborations with Petrofac in the North Sea, to the continued growth of Origin with JGC, to identifying greater teamwork potential with GIS in the Americas, and to deep diving with partners in Australia, it’s going to be a busy year ahead…the excitement of pursuing our untapped potential is palpable.”


MODS significantly increases ROI for customers through utilizing their asset and project data, which mitigates both safety and financial risks throughout the project lifecycle. From fabrication, to engineering, through construction and handover, as well as maintenance, MODS software is a next-generation solution for managing complex construction projects.




Jon says:


“Our comprehensive, interoperable and customizable solutions empower Owner-Operators, Contractors and Surveyors, as well as Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments throughout project lifecycles.
Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world, our next-gen MODS software solutions digitally transform how your projects are planned, controlled, and executed safely, on time, and within budget at a very economical price offering.”


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