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Connected Delivery: Petrofac’s Digital Experience


Petrofac designs, builds, and operates world-class energy facilities engineered for safety, optimal efficiency and low emissions. MODS partnered with Petrofac in January 2020 to remove manual processes from their brownfield development projects.


Who is Petrofac

Petrofac, is a leading provider of services to the global energy industry. Boasting 200+ major projects in upstream O&G, refining and petrochemicals as well as in the new energy sector. Working across a range of markets and entire asset life cycles, Petrofac requires agile solutions to address the inherent complexities of brownfield development.


Data Drain

Owing to the industry’s historic reliance on manual systems to manage complex construction processes, a major goal is to ensure project information remains intact, comprehensive, correct and accessible. Petrofac recognized this opportunity to pioneer the use of digital in the UKCS brownfield sphere.

Petrofac prioritizes information management, which is particularly challenging in brownfield contexts. Therefore, their overarching objective in partnering with MODS was to capture all data in one system.

This, Alex Robertson, Petrofac’s Digital and Innovation Senior Manager, says,

“gives us the ability to be more efficient, removing manual processes, including labor required to process information, all in one environment.”



Aligning People, Processes and Technology

MODS Connect, a cloud-based software solution, was the digital solution for Petrofac’s UKCS brownfield projects. Compatible with Petrofac’s existing systems and processes, Petrofac’s use of MODS Connect decreased administrative burdens to improve efficiency, reducing time and effort by 50 percent.

Remotely accessible by anyone from anywhere, MODS Connect enhanced Petrofac’s ease of communication, delivering project transparency with internal and external stakeholders for a variety of brownfield projects. MODS Connect enabled Petrofac to harness the power of digitization and visualization through the following modules: Work Packs, Completions, Materials Manager and Progress Tracking.




MODS Connect integrated with Petrofac’s existing systems. Ryan Thom, Petrofac's Lead Analyst- Business Applications, says,

"[This] provides us the ability to deploy & startup projects efficiently, onboard users and seamlessly integrate with other tools in our ecosystem".

Minimizing overrun, keeping projects on time and on-or-under budget, MODS Connect enables remote project oversight, objectively managed workflows, full transparency and comprehensive project archives. MODS Connect aligns people, processes and technology, setting the stage for a successful digital transformation strategy.


Connected Delivery

Petrofac is using MODS Connect for “connected delivery.” This software solution, Alex says,

“provides a connected digital platform between the four systems [Materials Manager, Work Packs, Completions, and Progress Tracking] and our site-based workforce.”

Replacing traditional reports with real-time performance dashboards reduced 50 percent time and effort required to provide clients with key project data. Project transparency through the remotely accessible digital models enabled informed decision making, anticipating and avoiding common pitfalls. And high volumes of diverse brownfield modifications were delivered on time and within budget using MODS Connect.

Alex says of the benefits:

“[With MODS Connect] we have standardized what ‘good’ looks like and we have the flexibility to meet client-specific requirements. We can record all information that goes into the system and measure and monitor data in a consistent manner so we can be very confident that what we report is accurate. Progress and photographs are at the click of a button. The accuracy is a very important point, the tools allow the folks in the field to trust the information coming to them to quality check.”


Check out the Case Study for digital brownfield solution we've provided to Petrofac. We've talked about the problem Petrofac was facing, the solution MODS provided them and three different projects they've used our software. 


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