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An easy handover is always on the wish list for the Completions team involved in an Energy project. Completions projects are complex, and there are bound to be delay issues, difficulties, and occasional dramas associated with this phase. The process is unlikely to be hassle-free but there are existing solutions that are demonstrating success. 

Completions-related headaches can be exclusively eliminated by specialized software. Our program is designed to assist you in achieving the goal of providing a safe and smooth handover of your project from contractor to client by ensuring that the necessary steps have been taken to ensure a stable operation. 


Reduce Manual Intervention with Industrial SaaS 

MODS Completions is an industrial saas solution that’s ensuring long delays and labor-intensive paper trails are a thing of the past.  

Building or renovating a platform often involves labor-intensive completion phases that postpone deadlines and handovers. Additionally, the technical integrity of the project can also be compromised, and all of that ultimately impacts budgets, schedules, and efficiency. You may find stakeholders and senior managers needing explanations when the state of Completions isn't truly up-to-date. They want transparency and visibility on their investment. 

Currently, pre-digital processes relying on printed documents and spreadsheets involve a significant amount of manual intervention. It is inevitable that these archaic processes will lead to errors, which will result in safety hazards, losses, and delays. Thus, it is essential to have the right tools in place to monitor all these issues and improve project plans. 


Improve Efficiency and Maintain Company’s Viability 

Completion is a huge process involving many contractors and internal departments. As a result of physical limitations in exchanging information and coordinating communications, there are always delays in data synchronization, resulting in inaccurate statuses. If there are no immediate and clear lines of communication among key players, it will always be unclear what the real-time production status is. Without a digital solution in place, organizations will, unintentionally, continually encounter incorrect and inaccurate form-filling resulting in lost paperwork and data. This can also be coupled with a multitude of tasks not completed due to forgotten deadlines. 

Digital transformation is a commonly used term when it comes to the introduction of new software systems. The impact of this transformation is very real and it affects every area of your company. In today's labor-intensive environments, industrial software is a powerful way to improve efficiency and maintain a company's viability as a market competitor. 

MODS Completions has already proven its worth time and again in numerous industrial settings. Completions deliver processes that are integrated with the 3D model database and deliver a comprehensive inspection, testing and commissioning program that is accountable, and cost-effective. MODS’ multi-discipline solution is cloud-based and provides the total picture, interactively, from a single source. 


Reduce Cost of Installation and Maintenance with Project Completions 

By creating a global sharing environment, and a single source of information fed from a Completion Management System (CMS), MODS Completions creates a visible and dependable integrity management system.  The continuous CMS interface ensures there are no surprises. Auto-population from the database, structured administration, and reporting ensure the project is on track from its conception to its completion. 

Completions' web-based software has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of features and functions that reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. This will allow the personnel to take care of other aspects of the project, such as safety, performance, and efficiency. Based on the project requirements, milestone goals can be customized, added, removed, or edited. Each milestone is assigned an inspection and test record (ITR) according to the project set-up. 

In the database, each ITR has a unique QR code that allows scanning and signing off. Data input is controlled and identified with QR codes. By scanning the QR code on individual references or entering the reference number for group data, the relevant input requirements are automatically presented for editing and sign-off. 

With MODS Completions, sign-off delays are also a thing of the past. The first is the highly popular e-signature which is completed through the handheld device but can also be finalized through web-based software. The second is a wet-signature function which can allow manual sign-off of ITRs should a project dictate. 


Handover of Project Has Never Been Easier 

Completions has a contemporary layout, standardized buttons, search functions and a color-coded monitoring system throughout the database. It simplifies administration, decreases the time needed to accomplish daily tasks, and greatly reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes. There are two ways to import data into the database. The first method uses a data hub function to import data from the contractor or client's information system. The second allows mass data imported via Excel spreadsheets. 

The Completions database can be opened and edited via one of the many common web-browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla. All information within the browser-accessed database is cloud-managed and remotely backed up, ensuring disaster recovery in the instance of an unfortunate event. 

Multiple search and navigation options are available to users through MODS Completions. It is possible to identify components and jobs easily based on location, tag, item number, or scanner illustrating technical details, issues, and current status. Using this technology, updates, sharing, and accessing instantaneously is effortless. In summary, this solution has the potential to transform the completions process in every aspect. We are not surprised that our clients appreciate its accessibility and a wide range of features especially during this time of global pandemics and travel restrictions. 


Reasons to digitalize your Completions process 

Utilizing handheld technology and automation, MODS Completions offers a hassle-free handover management system that is both affordable and easily adaptable. By allowing users to access the database online, the application is designed to increase efficiency and reduce operational errors, speed up processes and deliver accountability while promoting operational excellence across an organization. 

Choosing this digital solution should be a no-brainer given the benefits and return on investment. 

The MODS Completions platform gives users full traceability, accountability, and real-time progress tracking, which is hugely beneficial to our industry. During the Completions phase, Punch item management identifies and tracks issues that require attention, which is an exceptionally valuable tool for management. This includes the massive savings in time and money lost due to inefficiencies and poor productivity. As most of our team are industry experts, our cloud-based hand-held systems are always well received by front-line employees due to their ease of use and instant status updates. 

We can offer a complete paperless solution. Original paper processes reduce the administrative and storage burden associated with the large volume of information they generate. The ability to sign off on tasks electronically is another feature that our clients really appreciate. When signing off paper forms, there is no lag-time. If the sign-offs are digital, they can be automatically populated, saving time and reducing error rates. When getting to the Commissioning phase, this is especially useful for compiling the Handover documents. 


Completions and Commissioning: a digital partnership 

Early adoption of a comprehensive completions management system can have a significant impact on a project's success. The execution of Commissioning and Plant start-up schedules is heavily influenced and supported by an accountable Completions system. 

An integrated software system eliminates the numerous delay factors present under manual systems and provides instant access to detailed information regarding punch items and issues. Completions and Commissioning processes go hand in hand.  These projects have the potential to face delays and inefficiencies, so the start-up and handover dates will only be delayed instead of being accelerated.  Unless a truly accountable system on or off-site is implemented, cost overruns quickly reach millions of dollars. 

All the key areas of Completions lifecycle are addressed by MODS software. We reduce delays and schedules to complete key milestones on time. As projects are completed faster, smarter, and more accurately, vital statistics such as safety, productivity, and profitability are vastly improved.  Through the use of MODS Completions, a new modern software system is changing the face of Industry processes by ensuring that Handovers happen smoothly. 


Make handover easy for you and your team! Talk with our Completions Specialist and get more info on how we can help you.  

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