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Digital transformation for Industry 4.0.


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Energy Sector (2)


7 min read

Visualization – Unlocking the Treasure Chest

It has been more than two decades since oil & gas...


4 min read

Technology is Driving Change You Can Not Ignore

There are many online articles dedicated to...


4 min read

JGC’s Promising Partnership With the ‘Small but Mighty’ MODS

The JGC Corporation, is one of the largest global...

handheld devices energy industry

4 min read

Go Mobile – There’s No Going Back

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub,...


5 min read

Project Handover headache? We’ve got something for that

For those involved in the Completions phase of an...


4 min read

Partners with matching values – GIS and MODS make a good team

Interview with Jon Bell, CEO MODS & Mark Pregeant...


5 min read

Your first steps with Digital Transformation (DX) in Joint Integrity Management

Many Service companies in the Energy sector are...

materials management digital transformation

4 min read

Five strategies for successful Digital Transformation of Materials Management

The Global Pandemic has brought with it, death,...


4 min read

Enabling Offshore Oil and Gas projects with Digital transformation

They are designed to withstand some of the...

Digital transformation for energy industry

6 min read

Digital Transformation for the Energy Industry - Everything You Need to Know

The energy transition poses the biggest challenge...

Industry 4.0 in Oil and Gas

2 min read

Industry 4.0 in the Oil & Gas context

As the world is rapidly advancing into the 4th...

Operational Agility in pandemic featured image

3 min read

What does Operational Agility in Oil and Gas mean in the current Pandemic?

Traditional industries such as Oil and Gas have...

Digital Transformation 2020

3 min read

2020 - The Year of True Digitalization

Hundreds of millions of people are living through...