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The unicorn of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project execution and asset maintenance, straightforward handovers continue to be more lore than reality. Particularly when it comes to the challenges inherent in brownfield development projects, completions are complex and prone to be delays, miscommunications and other difficulties that impact perception around the quality of delivery.

Specialized software solutions alleviate such completions-related headaches, helping you deliver safe and smooth handovers to your client.


Industrial SaaS Eliminate Laborious Paper Trails

Industrial software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, MODS Connect, offers a Completions module that ensures long delays and labor-intensive paper trails no longer plague your handovers.  

Completions must be up to date to ensure transparency and visibility. Owner-operators demand this, and rightfully so. Labor-intensive completion phases postpone deadlines, making handovers frustrating for both EPC contractors and their owner-operator clients.

A lack of project transparency doesn’t only impact the act of handing over the asset(s), it also compromises the technical integrity of the project, impacting budgets and schedules. When completions don’t reflect real-time status and complete archival information, senior managers and other stakeholders demand explanations. The way to do this efficiently is to ditch the paper in favor of industrial software solutions like MODS Connect Completions module.

Currently, completions processes rely on printed documents with spreadsheets that require manual intervention and data entry. These archaic processes are prone to errors, resulting in safety hazards, losses and delays. Digital solutions organize and maintain reliable and remotely-accessible information so workers don’t have to.


Universal Digital Data Streamlines Completions

Completions processes involve many different contractors as well as internal departments and personnel, and they can be extremely overwhelming.

Coordinating communications among diverse working groups and exchanging technical information, ensuring accuracy of understanding across the board, is no small feat. Especially when considering global working relationships, physical limitations in the exchange of information often leads to delays in data synchronization and giving inaccurate status updates.

Communication of such network and geographic complexity requires immediacy and clarity, else the real-time project status is murky at best. Digital solutions address this problem by providing one universal source of complete, accurate and up-to-date information that is accessible from anywhere.

Human error such as inaccurate form-filling and lost paperwork resulting in forgotten tasks and missed deadlines is a thing of the past when industrial software is in situ.

Software solutions are part of what’s often referred to as digital transformation (DX), which refers to the transition from analog, manual and paper-based systems to a wholly digital way of working. When considering the various phases of construction execution projects of complex facilities and/or of asset management, notably in the energy or other industrial sectors, the handover phase poses an obvious opportunity to embark on this transition.



Completions software integrates with a real-time 3D model and comprehensive database containing all project and asset information. This cloud-based solution delivers a reliable inspection, testing and commissioning program that is accountable, transparent, cost-effective and accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time.


How Completions Software Takes the Sting Out of Handovers

A Completion Management System (CMS) manages all materials, facility and asset information affiliated with your handover. Specialized completions software creates a visible and dependable integrity management system that acts as a single source of information fed by the CMS, creating a global sharing environment. There is a second way to import data into specialized completions software by way of Excel spreadsheets, giving you ultimate flexibility with regards to information management.

The interface between MODS Completions software and your CMS is continuous, lending predictability and clarity to your handover. The beauty lies in the automated interface, where the Completions database is auto populated from the CMS, which ensures structured administration and reporting to keep your project on track from planning to handover.

The Completions module of MODS Connect is web-based software with an easy-to-use interface and a variety of functions that reduce your project costs. All information is on a cloud, remotely backed up and accessible from any internet browser, giving you added peace of mind with regards to disaster recovery. This allows for a proactive project management approach as opposed to a reactive one, freeing up staff to focus on safety, performance and efficiency.

Advanced software solutions like Completions offer customizable, project-specific features. For example, milestone goals satisfy the specific parameters of your project and are assigned inspection test records (ITRs) – these can be added, removed or edited as necessary without any archival information being lost.

Digital ITRs make signoff delays a thing of the past. All ITRs are associated with unique QR codes that, when scanned, allow for hassle-free signoffs. The e-signatures are typically finalized through a handheld device, but signoffs can also be conducted through the web-based software, which gives even more flexibility. There’s yet another option of what’s called a wet-signature function that accommodates your manual ITR signoffs if absolutely necessary.

Digital signoffs greatly assist the compiling of handover documents. What’s more, the MODS Completions solution manages punch items to identify and track any issues requiring attention. Digital completions software translates into savings of both time and money otherwise lost to a myriad of knowledge-management inefficiencies. And cloud-based, hand-held systems make the jobs of everyone from onsite workers to executive-level management easier due to their user friendliness and instant status updates.

With MODS Completions module, you can easily search for tasks, materials or other components based on a range of data: location, tag, item number, technical details, snags as well as current status. This technology facilitates the instantaneous and effortless sharing of project updates transforming every aspect of your completions process.


Unicorns Do Exist: Digital Completions Make Handovers Easy

Software solutions like MODS Connect Completions module offers you full project traceability, accountability and real-time progress tracking.

Being able to view the forest through the trees is invaluable when addressing the headaches associated with handovers. Those trees, as it happens, are stacks of paper and manual processes that you can finally do away with, leaving the forest intact and re-focusing your attention on the big picture. Digital completions reduce the administrative and storage burdens required for the large volumes of completions information.

Unicorns, it seems, do exist. Digital completions solutions eliminate the dreaded handover snags, reducing delays and managing schedules to so that key milestones are completed on time and on-or-under budget. When industrial construction execution and asset management is completed faster, smarter and more accurately, EPC businesses reap the rewards of improved safety, productivity and profitability.

Particularly under the continued pandemic situation with fluctuating travel restrictions, completions software that makes global stakeholder communication easy takes the sting out of your handovers.


Get in touch with us and talk with our Completions Specialist to check how we can help you. 

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